Voyage Foods Team Headshots

I’ve been working with Voyage Foods since their days with Endless West back in 2019. They have since split off from their parent company with Adam Maxwell, their CEO/ Founder, taking the helm, leading them through the alternative foods space. For those that aren’t familiar with the brand, they make alternatives to variety of foods that many people throughout the world are allergic to. Things like a peanut butter-less peanut butter, a nutella like spread without the hazelnut, and chocolate-less chocolate to name a few things. Well, with the growth of their team has been the need to capture their corporate identity through headshots of each team member. Wanting to capture the youthfulness of the brand, I decided to bring in three backdrops to compliment their beige, sky blue, and yellow they consistently use throughout their marketing collateral. Below are some final selects and fun outtakes from the day spent with team.

1st Assistant: Ivan Barrera